Incumbency and Information (October 2019)
with Ethan Bueno de Mesquita and Scott Ashworth

Is Bounded Rationality Driven By Limited Ability? (This Draft: July 2018; First Draft: January 2016)
with Willemien Kets and Terri Kneeland

Identification of Reasoning About Rationality (This Draft: April 2019; First Draft: October 2014)
with Adam Brandenburger and Alex Danieli
Previous Title: How Many Orders to Player’s Reason? An Observational Challenge and Solution
(revise and resubmit at Theoretical Economics)

Iterated Dominance Revisited (August 2011)
with H. Jerome Keisler
(revise and resubmit at Economic Theory)

Are Admissibility and Backward Induction Consistent? (October 2012)
with Adam Brandenburger
(Revise and Resubmit at the International Journal of Game Theory)

Notes on the Relationship Between Strong Belief and Assumption  
with Adam Brandenburger and H. Jerome Keisler

The Relationship Between Rationality on the Matrix and the Tree  
with Adam Brandenburger

A Generalized Minimax Theorem for Perfect-Information Games
with Adam Brandenburger